Saul Edward Bramer

My Grandfather

Saul E. Bramer, my Grandpa, was a well known metallurgical engineer. He helped design many of the satellites that orbit around earth till this very day. Other notable achievements include: inventing teflon (teflon is used to make our "non-stick" pans), working on the Apollo missions (we have original pictures from the missions taken on the moon), etc.  

In 1971, Saul and 9 other colleagues were exposed to nuclear radiation while working on a project in the Los Alamos Nuclear Facility (birth place of the atom bomb). Because of this freak accident and negligence to protect the scientists, Saul sued the United States. He became known as the "Human X-Ray Machine." 

This is one of the many articles published about my Grandfather. Credit: 30 Nov 1973, Page 31 York Daily Record.